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Warriors Sports

Learning Grid Skills at a Bargain Price

Posted Sunday, June 22, 2008 by Bob Lesniak

The second annual Warriors Football Clinic was held from Monday, June 9 thru Thursday, June 12. For those four evenings (5-8 P.M.) Brookline High school varsity football head coach Laz Mitjans taught football fundamentals to kids ranging from second grade to eighth.
“We covered the fundamentals of all the defensive and offensive positions,” said Mitjans. “We did everything except special teams. And the best part was that the players had the benefit of receiving instruction from excellent football teachers.”
The teachers Mitjans referred to are varsity assistant coaches Keith Ford, Phil Owen, Rod Spinazola, Jason Mac Donald, Dale Karesek and Dave Dembrowski. “The kids who attended had fun while they learned and the parents and family members who watched the clinic seemed to be impressed with what we were doing,” said Mitjans.
It is an understatement to say the players (more specifically their parents) received an incredible return on their investment. The fee to attend the clinic was $50 or the price of an average night out to dinner for two adults. Truly in this day and age a fee as low as $50 for a 4-day sports clinic is unheard of. Amazingly only 24 kids took advantage.
“To have just two dozen participants is very frustrating,” said Mitjans. “I am happy for the few who did attend because I am certain it was a terrific experience for them all.”
Few high schools can match Brookline’s great athletic facilities, fields, uniforms and equipment and few high schools entertain as many college recruiters as does Brookline. "This year we have had many college recruiters come to check out our players. We have had visits from at least 25 colleges… B.C., UNH, U. Conn., Northeastern, Lafayette… to name a few. Yet currently our varsity program features only 33 young men,” said Mitjans. “We wish at least twice as many were attending the Warriors Clinic and that 66 players were in our varsity program. Hopefully all that will come to be. For now, although the football numbers are low the kids who ARE involved have the opportunity to reap some wonderful benefits.
The 2008 formal practice schedule will commence August 18 and the coaching staff is looking for a few good young men to join their gridiron family. . Said Mitjans, “We (the staff) believe that playing football should be a positive experience at all age levels. That is our focus with the clinic and with the high school program.”

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